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Call for Papers: Counseling and Family Therapy Scholarship Review

July 8, 2019

The Counseling and Family Therapy Scholarship Review (CFTSR) is pleased to announce a call for papers. CFTSR is an open-access publication hosted on the library’s digital repository platform. The Scholarship Review is a platform for unique perspectives on conventional knowledge and marginalized domains of information

The CFTSR’s aim is to promote higher-level insights and inspire breadth of worldview considerations, thereby stretching our collective counseling and family therapy reality box. An expanded reality box provides clinicians and academics the opportunity to engage discourse on information along the margins of dominant experiences, effectively improving the provision of their clinical services and education.

The CFTSR invites faculty, private practice clinicians, non-profit social services staff and graduate students to submit their original work to publish in our peer-reviewed online journal. As a refereed journal that recently emerged on the publication scene, your contribution will be instrumental in anchoring and stretching the journal’s sphere of influence.

The theme of this call for papers is Integrative Clinical Practice. We invite papers on a wide range of topics relevant to counseling and family therapy. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically through the Scholarship Review’s submission portal at:

Initial Submission Deadline: 9.6.2019
The Scholarship Review publishes:
• Original and replication research
• Literature reviews
• Proposed advancements to counseling and systemic theory
• Social research
• Clinical case write-ups
• Personal narratives
• Concerns of social ethics
• Contemporary social trends
• Predictions for future biopsychosocial trends
• Socio-political commentaries
• Poetry and short stories

We hope you will consider submitting your manuscripts to the Counseling and Family Therapy Scholarship Review.
Thank you,
Editorial Board

All submissions selected will be peer-reviewed and published in an online format for open access. Publications will be available in online print version. The Scholarship Review provides digital object identifier (DOI) to all publications.