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Holy Words, Holy Images – Then and Now

December 7, 2016

The Dayton Memorial Library presents an exhibition during December and January of the holy books of 2 traditions, The Bible and the Qur’an. The exhibit presents the imagery by which they taught the faithful, which combines original and published images for display.

Early handmade leaves from 13th century prayer books and a 15th century woodblock printed leaf present Biblical imagery. Sandow Birk, an American artist living in Los Angeles, has depicted holy Qur’anic passages in his paintings of contemporary Islam. Lastly, the advent of the camera and the power of digital techniques has presented a new means of further expressing the spiritual life.

The exhibit is on display in the Doyle & Margaret Hartman exhibit gallery.

Bible Qur'an exhibit

Stress less during finals week

December 2, 2016