New exhibit: recent artwork by James Dixon


Recent artwork by James Dixon – on display in the Hartman Gallery during June

Since “Smoke and Shadow” at Walker Fine Art in 2010, my corporate emphasis remains committed to aesthetically efficient forms of limited physical mass which allude to possess far significant visual space. Textured surfaces, improvised asymmetric orientations, and visceral affectations continue to be the foundations of my design concepts. With much respect towards my earlier bronze period, Life has pointed me in the direction toward equal admiration given to the element of “greater risk taking and diverse material usage”. Rest assured I have not abandoned the bronze metal genre but I must testify that during my recent(five year) journey of omitting previous precedents and turning towards equally rewarding repurposed textiles,wood,plastics and various viscous embellishments, has been a” good fit”. I am forever persuaded that the Arts continue to function as the “avant –garde” vehicle of expression for “free thinkers” in American Society.

– James Dixon

Recent work by James Dixon

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