Prospector and Mobius


The Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries has embarked on a new project, connecting the Prospector catalog to the Mobius system in Columbia, Missouri. The Mobius consortium has 71 members, which include 61 academic libraries, 5 public libraries, 2 special libraries, the Missouri State Library, and 2 Associate Members.

If a user doesn’t find what he/she is looking for in Prospector, there will be a button in Prospector to search for the item in the Mobius catalog. If the item is found in Mobius, the user can place the request just as they would place a request in Prospector. They will authenticate with the appropriate information and select a pick up location for delivery.

The project just launched yesterday and testing of the request feature is still underway. We are not sure yet how long it will take for items from Mobius libraries to arrive. Please send any problems to Access Services at 303-458-4030 or

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