Prospector unavailable on Monday, August 4th


The Prospector catalog will be down all day on Monday, August 4th, in final preparation for the launch of a new partnership with MOBIUS. You will be able to search in Prospector but not able to make requests during the downtime.

MOBIUS is a consortium based out of Columbia, MO. It has over 70 members, which include several academic and seminary libraries, some public libraries, and a few special libraries. Prospector users will have access to an additional 27 million items in the MOBIUS union catalog. If a user doesn’t find what they are looking for in Prospector, there will be a button in Prospector to search for the item in the MOBIUS catalog. If the item is found in MOBIUS, the user can place the request just as they would place a request in Prospector.

This service is expected to launch on Tuesday, August 5th.

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