Lois B. Hayna receives the Colorado Authors’ League Lifetime Achievement Award


On May 8th, 2014 at the age of 101, Lois B. Hayna received the Colorado Authors’ League Lifetime Achievement Award (see http://t.co/dhaJXxR75e). Her papers are in the Library’s Archives and Special Collections and contain extensive writings from her college days to poems written this year. Hayna did not begin writing poetry steadily until she was in her sixties, and spanning the richness of her life’s experiences, she has not stopped yet. Her topics are extensive and cover her trials and joys that change over time because of youth, [Wild Strawberries] age, [The Nonagenarian Gets A Buzz on] death, [The Necessary Rain] because of culture, [No Warning Signal] and because of circumstances [Wild Honey] and attitude [Why I Dance].

A spectrum of America is reflected in Lois Hayna’s writings, both fiction and non-fiction: rural life in the early 1900s; the Depression, feminism, the changes begun the 1960s, and the corporate world of today. Truly she has won a “lifetime Achievement”.

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