Terra Firma: Intrinsic Reflections – exhibit and opening reception


Terra Firma: Intrinsic Reflections
A 10 Year Retrospective for Weaver, Aneesha Parrone

Opening reception:

Wednesday, May 7th
4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
DML Fireplace lounge

The exhibition will be on display during May. Aneesha will also have looms available at the reception so that attendees may try weaving themselves.

The intention of breathing light….the intention on which this exhibits stands…. is appreciation for all that the thousands of breaths, expressed with affection in each chosen thread woven through the warp.

The exhibition spans a 10 year period of exploring inner and outer landscapes. In addition to Aneesha’s creative expression, the show includes work by her students. Some come to her studio, Arpana Aneesha Studios, llc, in Niwot, Colorado. Some live in assisted living facilities. Some students live in independent living facilities. For others, “dwelling place” is still in a family home or apartment. The intention is to include creativity and artistic expression in the beauty of living every day.

It is this kind of intentional living that seems to enable us to dance on the sky while keeping our feet grounded to the earth—the sky of love, peace and joy become real, not the philosophy of a passing cloud….We are and become more real to each other and to others. The intangibility of light is who we are–Such a paradox!!

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