changes to Micromedex Drug Information mobile app


Do you currently have the Micromedex Drug Information mobile app installed on one or more of your Apple devices? Effective March 31, 2014, the Micromedex Drug Information app (previously free to any Apple device user), will be retired. In its place, you can download the new version of the app, Free Micromedex Drug Reference for Internet Subscribers.

To get started, you’ll first need your password. Follow the simple steps below to find this information:

  • Login to your online subscription to Micromedex 2.0
  • Click on the mobileMicromedex link near the top of the application
  • Write down your password; you’ll need this later (the password is case-sensitive)
  • Then, on your mobile device, visit the iTunes store, search for Free Micromedex Drug Reference for Internet Subscribers, and download the app to your device
  • Launch the app, enter your password, and you are on your way!

It is available now in the iTunes store. It functions exactly the same, and has the same content as, the prior app. More information about the new app is available here.

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