Perspectives from the Archives: Past and Present Preserved


Jesuitica Manuscript Collection

This crisp, engaging photograph shows Fr. Felix Ziccardi, of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Trinidad, CO sitting in the center of the “Junior Band” which he organized and taught. Furthermore, he acquired the donated instruments from benefactors in Kansas City, Mo., wrote much of the waltzes, religious oratorios, and marches the band played in the parish music hall, a building he had built in 1926. Many of the boys came from families who worked in the coal camps in the region. In July, thousands flocked to the annual festival, a major source of income for Trinidad, featuring games, and live music as the band played [intermittently] from 10:00am to midnight.

Fr. Ziccardi represents the contributions many Neapolitan Jesuits made in the early parishes of the Catholic Southwest.

Junior Band

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