Ralph Nagel exhibit: A Decade of Painting


A Decade of Painting
Dayton Memorial Library, Regis University Denver
September – October, 2013

Being There
Littleton Museum
September 19 – October 27, 2013

“Painting is about having the courage to take risks toward an outcome that is unknown.”
Ralph J. Nagel

Ralph Nagel began painting in 1991. Prolific and versatile, Nagel paints in the classic en plein air style. His watercolors and oils exude the powerful essence of place and time, and his personal attention and response to the vast subtleties of color, light and form.

The spirit of Nagel’s paintings is seen in the spontaneity of his brushwork. Bold colors, sometimes several layers thick, at times alternating with soft transparent ones, articulate the interaction between painter and painting as well as the ever-present tension between experimentation and control.

The Dayton Memorial Library exhibition exhibits features 30 of Nagel’s best paintings made between 2003 – 2013. Additionally, Nagel was invited by Littleton Museum for a solo exhibition of his work after being awarded “Best of the Show” in 2012 at the museum’s 47th annual show Own an Original. The 40 painting exhibition features large-scale watercolors of Ghost Ranch that explores the unusual rock formations and changing moods of the New Mexican landscape.

Nagel’s paintings are in private collections in the United States, Argentina, Australia, France, Italy, Brazil, Thailand and New Zealand.

Educated as an architect and city planner, Ralph continues to pursue business and well as an array of philanthropic projects in parallel with a full painting schedule. The Nagels are producing partners for Denver Center’s premier of Just Like Us, and are responsible for Nagel Art Studios and for the gift of the extensive collection of Colorado artists on permanent installation in Nagel Residence Hall at Denver University.

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