Library Web Site Changes — Same Stuff, New Look!


Returning students, staff, and faculty may have noticed a new look for some of the library’s web pages. Our subject guides and the popular A-Z Database List have undergone a transformation. For the Subject Guides, you’ll find the same information that was available on the previous versions of these pages, but now it’s arranged in a new format. The “databases” that were listed on the top of each subject guide will now be under a tab that says “Articles”. Or, when there are more than just articles available for a certain subject area, you’ll find tabs for specific types of resources like Primary Sources or Statistics.

For the A-Z Database List, it continues to be a comprehensive list of all databases to which the library subscribes. Instead of one long list, it’s now broken down into shorter lists based on chunks of the alphabet. Use the tabs on this page to navigate to the correct part of the alphabet to find database links.

We know that change can sometimes be unsettling, but we think you’ll like this new way of arranging our resources. If you have comments for any of the subject guides, please contact the guide owner listed on the Welcome page of each individual guide.

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