Mad Scientist


This exhibit will be on display in the Hartman Gallery of the Dayton Memorial Library through November 29th.

Last Spring (2008) Judith Gardner, affiliate faculty in Regis College, worked with a group of students at Regis University to create a mural for the entry hall of the newly remodeled Pomponio Family Science Building. They worked with images shared by the science faculty of their research work or things that they were doing with their students. In the process of doing the mural, several pieces were done to jump start the students on the project. These pieces weren’t used in the mural and are now on display in the Dayton Memorial Library.

Judith’s son Andrew Simpkins is an emerging artist who will be hanging a show of his portrait work in the Hartman Gallery for December 2008. It is a series of rather quirky portraits of his friends as super heroes. Andrew has just earned an Associates degree in Art from Red Rocks Community College. He has shown individual pieces in the Jefferson County High School show at the Arvada Center for the Arts and in student shows at Red Rocks, but this will be his first solo show.

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